Comprehensive In-House Counsel

  • Setting up data base management for in-house corporate legal department (2 hours)
  • Most efficient structure, work flow and process required for in-house corporate legal department (2 hours)
  • Research materials and finding the laws for in-house corporate counsel (4 hours)
  • In-house continuing legal education and training (2 hours)
  • The role of in-house corporate counsel in managing corporate decision making process (4 hours)
  • Guarding the management and corporation in material contracts and strategic corporate actions (4 hours)
  • Teaming up with supporting professionals (2 hours)
  • Familiarizing with typical material and strategic transactions (2 hours)
  • Legal due diligence for material and strategic transactions and the role of in-house counsel during the legal due diligence process (4 hours)
  • Drafting and negotiation of typical material and strategic transactions (4 hours)
  • Prevention and coping with claims and litigation actions against corporation (2 hours)

Past Trainings